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If you have diverse IT demands, but do not need a full time IT staff, JHJR Consulting's services are for you.

Small to Mid-Size Businesses

While large organizations have the ability to expend vast amounts of capital on technology, smaller organizations tend to have limited resources  JHJR Consulting, being a smaller organization, has diverse experiences which makes it possible to provide a wide variety of offerings. By clients using these aggregated services, they can reduce technology costs while not compromising the quality of service.

JHJR offers enterprise class services to small and mid-size businesses. These services include Virtual IT Manager, General IT Consulting, Web Development, Database Development and Network / PC Support.

Personal Attention

JHJR Consulting strives to provide personal attention to all clients. By concentrating on this aspect of the business relationship, it facilitates the process of determining and fulfilling the client's needs. Unlike larger firms, the individual attention provided also keeps the client's "big picture" in focus. Educating clients of how technology can be used within their organization is integral with this personal attention. Creating successful partnerships with our clients will lead to successful endeavors for both parties.

virtual i.t. managment

The Virtual IT Manager Service is for clients who wish to have more control over IT functions without the costs associated of hiring a full time IT Manager. These organizations also desire a liaison to the consultants and/or internal employees they use for everyday technical operations.

These organizations are asking:

  • Are we using our existing technology to the fullest?
  • Is it necessary to implement new technology?
  • What are the benefits of this new technology?
  • Can I reduce technology costs?

As a third party consultant, JHJR Consulting provides knowledgeable and unbiased answers to these questions.

By complementing your IT team with these services, management can make well informed technology decisions.

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